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Prom Pictures

Okay, so here are some of the pictures we had taken before prom. These are only the ones my aunt took and a few others. His mom took quite a few, as well, but I don't have them, yet.

 We were outside, and the wind was blowing really hard.

 Our eyes were watering.

 The wind still blowing, but a better picture.

 Technical difficulties due to sunlight. I like the picture, too.

 I was just all smiles yesterday.

 Same picture, different angle.

 My man looking oh-so-handsome in pink.

 I absolutely adored my corsage. I kept looking at it all night. They're little light pink roses.

 This is my alone picture.

 When I was getting my hair done.

 My nails. It's kind of blurry though.

 When my hair was finished.

 The back.

 When my make-up was just finished.

 Yep, even pictures of us getting in the car.

 Me and my aunt.

 Me and my uncle.

 Ryan and his mom.


 Hmm... I wasn't ready for this one.

 Haha, I was trying to get him to smile.

 Looking at different cameras.

 Psst, isn't the corsage pretty?!

 I don't have a caption for this one.

 This was at dinner.

 Outside the restaurant.

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